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הופצו מהדורות חדשות, אפריל 2023 לתוכנות FUSION, JAWS, ZOOMTEXT, עבור גרסאות 2023

למשתמשים שרישיונם תומך במוצרי התוכנות FUSION, JAWS, ZOOMTEXT 2023, יש לאשר את התקנת העדכון בעת הופעת חלונית העדכון.
משתמשים שבמחשבם לא מופיעה חלונית עדכון, מומלץ ללחוץ על בדיקת עדכונים שבתפריטי התוכנה.
באתרים בהם המחשב נמצא ברשת מוגנת או שאין ברשותם אינטרנט יציב, ניתן להוריד את חבילת ההתקנה הלא מקוונת הרלוונטית כאן.

רשימת השיפורים בגרסאות אלו

עבור תוכנת JAWS

In WhatsApp

JAWS now continuously plays the sound to indicate when a contact is typing until the other user sends the message or stops typing.
Addressed an issue where pressing CTRL+DELETE or CTRL+BACKSPACE was not speaking the current word In WhatsApp.
When pressing ALT+H In WhatsApp to move to the chat history, JAWS now places focus on the most recent message.

In Edge and Chrome

when selecting a button on a web page that displays a dialog box, resolved an issue where the dialog content was not being automatically read by JAWS.
Resolved an issue in certain tables on web pages where JAWS was incorrectly reading table headers for column headers.
Resolved an issue in where JAWS was not announcing autocomplete suggestions while typing in the address bar.
Addressed an issue where JAWS was not indicating the expanded or collapsed state of tree view items on web pages unless focus was moved away and back.

In Google Docs, Sheet, PowerPoint

When inserting a table in Google Docs, addressed an issue where JAWS was not reading as expected while navigating the menu where you choose the specific columns and rows for the table.
Addressed issues navigating tables in Google Docs using JAWS table reading commands (ALT+CTRL+ARROW keys).
In Google Sheets, JAWS now indicates in braille when a cell has a formula.
Addressed an issue in Google Sheets where input validation errors for cells were not being shown in braille.
Resolved an issue with the content of objects not always being read while navigating in Google Slides.
Resolved issues with JAWS not properly announcing updates for live regions that use aria-atomic=false.
Resolved an issue where JAWS was not automatically reading announcements from Gmail with the Virtual Cursor off.

Windows 11 and OFFICE

In Windows 11, resolved an issue where the selected item in the navigation pane of the Word 365 Open and Save As dialog boxes was not being shown in braille.
When navigating a list of files in the Office 365 Open and Save As dialog boxes, resolved an issue where info in various columns was not being shown in braille.
Addressed an issue where JAWS was not reading as expected when navigating combo boxes in Excel's Conditional Formatting Rules manager.
When renaming a worksheet in Excel, resolved an issue where JAWS was not indicating focus was in an edit field. This also addresses an issue where deleted characters were not being announced when using the DELETE key.
When sending a message in Outlook to someone in your organization and Teams is also running, resolved an issue where JAWS was not announcing the recipient's status.
Addressed issues with JAWS not working as expected on the Windows 11 lock screen in some situations.
Addressed an issue in File Explorer where JAWS was not announcing the selected item when using CTRL+SPACEBAR to select files non-contiguously.
When launching a Command Prompt as an Administrator, resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading anything in speech or braille.
Updated the sample MSI scripts that are included when running the setup package with the /layout command-line argument.

עבור התוכנות FUSION ו- ZOOMTEXT

Smooth Mouse Panning is now enabled by default in the Early Adopter Program dialog. This ensures the “Enable smooth panning” and “Hold Shift key for smooth mouse panning” settings in the Navigation Settings dialog are available and selected. To change these settings, select the Magnifier toolbar tab > Navigation > Panning.
Resolved an issue where focus enhancement was not working correctly in the Early Adopter Program dialog.
When using the mouse wheel to scroll through a document, focus would unexpectedly return to the text cursor location. This has been fixed.
Resolved an issue where ZoomText was not tracking in Word when multiple documents were open.
ZoomText would sometimes close after turning off tooltips. This was observed in Windows 11 and has been fixed.
Fusion correctly tracks, highlights, and speaks in Azure published apps.
Resolved several issues with speech, tracking, and focus and cursor enhancements when running Fusion or JAWS on a VMWare Horizon server.
Resolved several issues where typing echo by words, and text navigation by lines and words was not working when running ZoomText on a VMWare Horizon server.
Resolved an issue where text was cut off in some dialogs for Finnish, Kazakh, Polish, and Ukrainian.
In the previous update, the Welcome to ZoomText window displayed corrupted text when running ZoomText with the Chinese user interface. This has been fixed.

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