About Lets Talk Ltd

Let's Talk company was founded in 2001 and is managed by itzik arbiv and yariv zribi, both of whom are part of the blind and vision impaired community in israel.

The company provides an array of integrative technical solutions for the afore said community.
Let's Talks goal is to find, create and develop unique solutions for the blind and vision impaired community, with strong emphasis on customer service as well as teaching and training on a personal basis, in order to provide the customer with the skills which will allow good communication and participation in a work environment, from a technical point.

among the company's customers are:
the national insurance institute of israel, the ministry of education, the social security istitute of israel, migdal or northern area, the association for the blind and numerous other organisations.

Let's Talk company is the exclusive distributer in israel of freedom scientific products, which is the leading company in the world which develops and sells software and hardware solutions for the blind and vision impaired.
in addition, let's talk is a distributer for the following companies:
ai-squared, foci, indexbraille, nuance,acapela , and many others.

Let's Talk sells many software and hardware solutions for the blind and vision impaired such as:

  • portable or stationary cctv's from different companies
  • screen reading software
  • braille displays
  • braille embossers
  • magnification software scanning
  • reading software for the learning disabled
  • text to speech (tts) engines in many different languages
  • hebrew tts and arabic tts

Lets Talk also sells computers and other accessories from the leading companies such as:
dell, hp, lenovo, viewsonic, lg, asus, epson and others.

Let's Talk employs developers, programmers and software trainers who are extremely qualified, talented and professional, in order to provide top quality service.

yariv zribi and itzik arbiv - founders, owners and managers.
avi asher - manager of training services.
shaul yaakovi - lab tech support.
nomi arbiv - financial
adi kushnir- research and development
morad chachashvili- technician
ilan cohen maguri- training service (south area)
shlomo lazmi- trainig service

we would be happy to assist and provide service at any time. you can
contact the company via e mail

office: 972-3-5714131
fax: 972-3-6340962
itzik: 972-54-5985424
yariv: 972-54-6982737
avi: 972-54-6982775

our address:
34 ahagana st
tel-aviv, 67721


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