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Vocatex Desktop Video Magnifier

Vocatex Desktop Video Magnifier

the new vocatex has a full hd 1080p camera which delivers a high contrast and super clear image. the picture is extremely stable and steady, which provides an optimum reading experience. in addition to the higher picture quality, the magnifier has an extrawide viewing angle of 24 cm to read page-wide. whether you now read, look at photos, write or put something together yourself, there is always an eye for detail and an overview on a large screen according to choice.

the magnifier has unique high contrast settings that make the text extra large and readable. poorly printed texts present no problem with the background suppressor.

screen size

a screen recommendation always begins with your field of vision. after all your field of vision determines the size of the screen. we aim to utilise all your remaining vision. with the right screen you read more comfortably, faster and you have more of an overview. the vocatex gives you a choice of screens of 22 inch, 27 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch and even 40 inch curved.

the visually impaired with macular degeneration predominantly have a wide field of view and it is best for them to choose a large screen of 32 inch or even 39 inch. people with a narrow field of vision such as retinitis pigmentosa can choose both a large and a small screen.

computer connection - vocatex

the computer connection of the vocatex has 2 functions. the first possibility is full screen. with full screen, the screen of the vocatex can be used as computer screen when you connect your computer. the second possibility is split screen. with split screen you can display the image from the vocatex and the image of your computer on the same screen.

full screen

by pressing the pc button on the vocatex, the screen switches to your computer. the full computer image is displayed on your screen. in combination with an optional magnification software like zoomtext, the image of your computer will be magnified. besides have the possibility to magnify your computer, you even have the possibility to integrate speech. this combination will magnify your computer while the on screen texts will be read aloud.

split screen

(in combination with zoomtext 10 or higher, supernova 15.03 or higher)

with the split screen possibility you can use a part of the screen to display the vocatex image and another part to display your computer. the video image can simply be put on top, bottom, left or right while having you computer image on the same screen. when working in split screen mode you will have full access to your computer.

the usb 3.0 port displays the full hd image at 60 frames per second!

read aloud video magnifier

the new designed vocatex is a full hd video magnifier that magnifies texts and photographs with razor-sharp clarity. combined with the built-in readout function, the vocatex even reads out all printed texts. ideal for enjoyable reading or readout of newspapers and magazines. reading is no longer an effort, but relaxing.

the vocatex is the most user-friendly readout magnifier with large easy-feel buttons. the unit is superfast. the text is read out immediately. the intelligent readout function reads out texts without interruption due to the automatic movement detection. thus vocatex reads texts from letters, large newspaper pages or thick books without interruption.

with the vocatex you yourself choose to have texts read out, to read them yourself or simultaneously to read along with it, and this always with the choice of a pleasant and easily understandable voice.

each unit is personal and custom configured. based on your field of vision we recommend a screen of 22 inch, 24 inch, 27 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch or even 40 inch curved. the incorporation of specific functions for the hard of hearing, photophobia, tunnel vision, macular degeneration, etc, makes every unit unique and extremely user-friendly.

a computer connection by which the vocatex screen becomes your computer screen or split screen via the new usb 3.0 connection, makes your computer even more accessible. the large high contrast screen is extremely suitable. in combination with magnification software and split screen you have a true multimedia centre.


the vocatex is a readout magnifier. the combination of screen magnifier and readout system makes reading pleasant. having texts read out is a new way that feels natural. with the vocatex you select the text on the screen yourself. a red rectangle around the word follows the text. so you know the reading position and you maintain the overview on the page.

continuous reading

thanks to the intelligent readout function, vocatex reads entire pages without irritating pauses and this simply by moving the reading table and the text. when moving the reading table the new text is incorporated and the vocatex just continues reading. reading a newspaper article has never been so easy. you start the vocatex. while the voice reads the text, you move the text with it. the vocatex automatically connects it and reads the text without pauses. you can thus read thick books or large newspaper pages without interruption.

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