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the ultimate desktop video magnifier, topaz xl hd provides high definition magnification with the sharpest image and the crispest text, allowing for low magnification levels that fit more text on the screen for faster reading and better comprehension with less fatigue. with its extra features and computer connectivity, topaz xl hd is the video magnifier of choice for those looking for maximum productivity in work and school environments.

topaz xl hd can be connected to your computer with usb, and use freedom scientifics optional gem software to work with your pc and document simultaneously.

split your computer screen vertically to enter a column of numbers in a spreadsheet or horizontally to type notes from your document in a word processor. even save images from your topaz xl.

connect your computers monitor cable to the topaz xl's vga port and use it to view your documents as well as your pc. toggle back and forth with a button push.

save space on your desk, and avoid moving



25 inches h / 17.2 inches w / 17.3 inches d / (63.5 cm / 43.7 cm / 43.9 cm)


camera only: 32.8 lbs / 14.1 kg

17-inch lcd 39.5 lbs / 17.9 kg

20-inch widescreen lcd 41 lbs / 18.6 kg

22-inch widescreen lcd 42.1 lbs / 19.1 kg

24-inch widescreen lcd 43.7 lbs / 19.8kg

working height under camera: 8.25 inches / 21 cm

xy table:

  • 17 inches x 16 inches x 1.84 inches /
  • 43.7 cm x 40.6 cm x 4.7 cm
  • x dimension travel: 16 inches / 40.6 cm
  • y dimension travel: 10.5 inches / 26.6 cm

power supply:

  • input voltage 100-240v ac
  • frequency 50-60 hz
  • single wall plug

magnification range:

  • 17-inch monitor: 1.9x to 49x
  • 20-inch monitor: 2.4x to 64x
  • 22-inch monitor: 2.6x to 68x
  • 24-inch monitor: 2.9x to 77x


  • on / off toggle switch
  • color mode select dial
  • magnification 16-position dial
  • freeze push button
  • brightness dial
  • find push button
  • focus lock and position locator push button
  • masks / lines select push switch
  • masks / lines position wheels

input / output:

  • dvi out to monitor
  • vga in from computer
  • usb out to computer (requires gem software)

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